Why Us


Integrity is key. Without a relationship built on trust our customers, suppliers and employees would not receive the quality care that we aspire to. We will act in a manner to work to earn and retain your trust.


We are constantly evolving and adapting to the current market and anticipate the direction of the future market.


Our goal is to make this distribution and delivery process as simple and efficient as possible for our current and prospective distributors. In our efforts to serve our customers better, we pride ourselves on our fast response time and efficient delivery.


The knowledge that we have gained thus far has prepared us to better serve our distributors to efficiently transport their products into the Chinese market. Our strengths lie within our knowledge and understanding of the culture, business and political practices of both the Chinese and US markets.





MIE maintains a special US-China relationship
Warehouse and transportation to consolidate LTL shipments
Business/Market expertise in both China and the USA
Focused approach on small and medium sized manufacturers and the market in China
Represent KOLs that provide a venue to display and sell products
Young entrepreneurial spirit that gets the job done

Problems We Solve:

Tackle the cultural differences
Navigate through complicated sales channels
Manage customs process

China’s retail industry is very different from that of the US retail industry. The number of retail outlets in the US is less than 600,000. The sales of the top 50 retail companies within the US accounts for roughly 80% of total retail industry sales. Accordingly, the US retail industry is very mature and concentrated in the US and manufacturers are able to communicate directly with large retail companies.

In China, there are over 3,000,000 retail outlets; more than 5 times the amount in the US. The sales of the top 100 retail companies account for just 29% of total industry sales. Over 90% of the 3,000,000 retail outlets are independent shops versus that of chain stores. Therefore, independent manufacturers have a strong reliance on distributors to get the products to the consumer.

Distributors play an important role in China because manufacturers are unable to connect with retail enterprises directly. As a result, the manufacturers must rely on distributors to convey products to the retailing outlets. Looking towards the future, Key Opinion Leaders, or KOLs have become a new mode to display products and an increasingly popular venue for sales in China.